31st October 2019

Review by Shaun Tossell

The Turbine Theatre presents its first musical offering, after the success of their debut production, Torch Song.

They are staging the UK premiere of High Fidelity, a musical adaptation of Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel, of the same name.

The show centres on Rob, the thirty-something owner of a London record shop who’s mastered the art of finding rare vinyl and losing girlfriends. His girlfriend Laura has just dumped him, which causes a painful re-evaluation of his life and past relationships. Will he be able to change his ways and win her back?

Oliver Ormson

Oliver Ormson is absolutely brilliant as the sardonic Rob. He comes across incredibly likable, despite how selfish and emotionally immature the character first appears to be.

Shanay Holmes

He is supported by a wealth of talent onstage like Shanay Holmes, who exudes a beautiful vulnerability as Laura, the estranged girlfriend and Robert Tripolino is a comic delight as the hippie ex-neighbour, Ian.

Robert Tripolino & Shanay Holmes

Another standout was Eleanor Kane, who performed a beautiful ballad, that enraptured the audience.

Eleanor Kane

The whole cast are incredibly strong, each bringing a unique comedic flavour to the show.

The cast of High Fidelity

The design work by David Shields is incredibly creative, especially the set design which effortlessly transforms, making the record shop feel suitably lived-in and grimy.

Also impressive, is the lighting design by Andrew Exeter. He manages to transform the space to, at some points, make you feel like you’re at a rock concert.

The cast of High Fidelity

Tom Jackson Greaves, the director and choreographer, really elevates the material with his superb work here, the choreography being especially fun and energetic.

The cast of High Fidelity

Vikki Stone does a fantastic job at adapting the book & lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire and Amanda Green, to bring back the British sensibility of the novel from the American musical adaptation.

The songs by Tom Kitt & Amanda Green were funny and fresh, ranging from the hilarious “Nine Percent Chance” to the achingly beautiful “Ready to Settle”, all gorgeously sung by the cast.

Oliver Ormson

High Fidelity, feels like a classic British rom-com come to life in musical form and is an impressive musical debut from The Turbine Theatre.

High Fidelity is playing at The Turbine Theatre till 7th December 2019.

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Photo credit – Mark Senior