By Shaun Tossell

18th January 2023

George Takei’s Allegiance finally makes its London debut after its Broadway run over 7 years ago, in a brand new production, tailor-made for the intimate Charing Cross Theatre.

Is it worth the wait?… Read on

George Takei heads the cast in the dual role of Sam Kimura/Ojii-Chan, radiating a genial charm. Though only featured intermittently, his presence adds an air of authenticity to the emotional moments on stage.

Telly Leung is the true star of the show as young Sam Kimura, replete with boyish charm.

Leung convincingly portrays the internal struggle of being loyal to a country that doesn’t deserve it.

Aynrand Ferrer is the emotional heart of the show, as Kei Kimura, beautifully delivering the show’s stand out number ‘Higher’.

Ferrer’s stunning, emotive vocals will transport you to musical theatre heaven.

The ensemble are full of interesting characters, that we don’t have enough time with, including Megan Gardiner as Hannah, who shares lovely chemistry with Leung. Also the charming Patrick Munday as Frankie.

The songs by Jay Kuo are big, old-fashioned emotive affairs that will sweep you up along with them, which help fill the gaps of the slightly underdeveloped book.

Fantastic staging by Tara Overfield Wilkinson, expertly takes advantage of the intimate setting.

Aided by the inventive set design by Mayou Trikerioti and beautiful lighting design by Nic Farman.

Full of emotion and beauty, with songs that soar, wonderfully brought to life.

Poignant and uplifting, it’s a story that needs to be told.

Don’t miss it! ! !

George Takei’s Allegiance is playing the Charing Cross Theatre until 8th April 2023.

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