31st January 2022

By Shaun Tossell

The highly anticipated world premiere stage adaptation of The Da Vinci Code, based the infamous best-selling novel by Dan Brown, is now touring the UK.

The novel was also famously adapted into a star-studded Hollywood blockbuster featuring Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou and Sir Ian McKellen, among others. Will this brand new stage adaptation meet the same kind of success?

The Da Vinci Code follows the pulse-racing journey of Professor Robert Langdon and fellow cryptologist Sophie Neveu as they attempt to solve a brutal murder, full of baffling codes and riddles, leading to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and beyond. In a breathless race through the streets of Europe, they must decipher a labyrinthine code before a shocking historical secret is lost forever.

Leading the cast is Eastenders alum Nigel Harman starring as Professor Robert Langdon, bringing an easy-going charm to the character. He also has the unenviable task of having to reciting reems and reems of exposition throughout the show, which he does with ease.

Joining Harmon is newcomer Hannah Rose Caton as the intrepid cryptologist Sophie Neveu, who gives an assured, confident debut performance with Red Dwarf star Danny John-Jules as the eccentric Sir Leigh Teabing, who ably adds some moments of levity with his pompous demeanor.

Also of note is Joshua Lacey as the fanatic monk Silas, who is an hulking, intimidating presence in the show.

Technical impressive, the show features stylish set design by David Woodhead, aided by clever video design from Andrzej Goulding, which allows for elegant scene transitions.

The trim adaptation by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel never gives you enough time to get bored and director Luke Sheppard always keeps things moving forward but it does feel at times that something is slightly lost in translation to the stage.

Due to the source material, newcomers may find themselves getting confused by the sheer amount of exposition present but fans of The Da Vinci Code will find plenty to enjoy here.

The Da Vinci Code features slick, fast-paced thrills, that gives fans another way to experience Dan Brown’s classic thriller.

The Da Vinci Code is playing the Theatre Royal Bath until 5th February, before continuing to tour the UK.

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Photo credit – Johan Persson